Christ Church Cathedral

Christ Church Cathedral in Victoria, British Columbia is the cathedral church of the Diocese of British Columbia of the Anglican Church of Canada.

The organ is in a free-standing case of solid mahogany and mahogany veneered solid wood. The case has been designed around the rose window of the West Wall of the Cathedral. To carry the load of the windchests, and to provide seismic resistance, the Builder provided a steel structure inside the organ case, in collaboration with the Cathedral Architect and the Structural Engineer. This steel structure is mounted on steel beams installed on the gallery floor. Hellmuth Wolff & Associés Ltée, Opus 47, 2005  

Address: Quadra St at Burdett Ave
Phone: (250) 383-2714

Christ Church Cathedral, Organ Specifications
I. Rückpositiv II. Hauptwerk III. Unterwerk(enclosed) IV. Oberwerk
Quintadena 16 Praestant 16 Lieblich Gedackt 16 Suavial 8
Principal 8 Octave 8 Principal 8 Copula major 8
Rohrflöt 8 Spitzflöt 8 Bordun 8 Quintadena 8
Octave 4 Flöt travers 8 Salicional 8 Octava 4
Koppelflöt 4 Octave 4 Unda maris 8 Copula minor 4
Nasat 22 Hohlflöt 4 Octava 4 Violetta 4
/3 Quint 22 Nachthorn 4 Hörnli II
Superoctave 2 /3 Flagiolet 2 Fletl 2
Terz 13 Superoctave 2 Mixtur V Oberquinte 11
/5 Cornet V Basson 16 /3
Mixtur V Mixtur V-VI Trompette 8 Mixtur IV
Dulcian 16 Fagott 16 Oboe 8 Trompete 8
Trompete 8 Trompette 8 Clairon 4 Vox humana 8
Krummhorn 8 Tremulant Tremulant Pedalwerk
Tremulant Bordun 32

Chapel of the New Jerusalem, Christ Church Cathedral

Address: 930 Burdett Ave, Victoria, BC V8V  3G8
Phone: (250) 383-2714

St. John the Divine

The congregation of St. John the Divine was founded in Victoria in 1860 when a prefabricated iron church building, assembled (then disassembled) in England and shipped around Cape Horn on a sailing ship, was completed in the new colony of Vancouver Island. The original building (where the Hudson Market is now) was replaced with a brick building in 1912 at its current location at the corner of Quadra and Mason Streets. It was renovated after a disastrous fire in 1960. The current building, including the chapel, seats about 500, has a full Cassavant organ, stained glass throughout and a very tall spire, which is a city landmark.

St John’s houses one of the largest and finest instruments in BC. Built in 1961 by Casavant Frères of Montreal, it was designed by Lawrence Phelps in the Neo-Baroque style popular at the time, but it is a versatile and exciting instrument capable of doing justice to many repertoires. A new Hooded Trumpet, which completes the Antiphonal Divison of the organ, was dedicated May 12, 2013. This trumpet stop, which has been made possible through the generosity of the Davies family, was manufactured by Orgues Letourneau of Quebec (builders of the organs at Selwyn College Cambridge and at the Tower of London), and installed by our local organ builder, Grant Smalley.

Address: 1611 Quadra Street, Victoria, BC V8W 2L5
Phone: (250) 383-7169

St. John the Divine, Organ Specifications

Casavant Frères, Opus 2694, 1961

4 manuals and pedal
55 stops, 66 ranks

GREAT – Manual 2 SWELL (encl.) – Manual 3 CHOIR (unenclosed) – Manual 1 ANTIPHONAL (encl.) – Manual 4 PEDAL
Quintaton 16’ Principal Étroit 8’ Gedeckt 8’ Principal 8’ Contrabass 16’
Diapason 8’ Cor de Nuit 8’ Erzähler 8’ Bourdon 8’ Bourdon 16’
Rohrflöte 8’ Viole de Gambe 8’ Erzähler Céleste 8’ Octave 4’ Quintaton 16’
Gemshorn 8’ Voix Céleste 8’ Praestant 4’ Rohrflöte 4’ Principal 8’
Octave 4’ Octave 4’ Koppelflöte 4’ Blockflöte 2’ Rohrgedeckt 8’
Spitzflöte 4’ Flûte Harmonique 4’ Blockflöte 2’ Sesquialtera II Choral Bass 4’
Superoctave 2’ Nazard 22/3’ Quintflöte 11/3’ Fourniture IV Nachthorn 2’
Fourniture IV Octavin 2’ Sesquialtera II Rohrshalmei 8’ Mixtur IV
Trompette 8’ Plein Jeu IV Scharff III Hooded Trumpet 8’ Posaune 16’
Basson 16’ Cromorne 8’ Basson 16’ (Sw)
Hautbois 8’ Chimes Tremulant Basson 8’ (Sw)
Trompette 8’ Trumpet 8’
Clairon 4’ Tremulant Schalmei 4’
Choir super
Tremulant Choir sub Couplers
Swell super Choir unison off Gt-Ped 8’
Swell sub Sw-Ped 8’
Swell unison off Ch-Ped 8’ + 4’
Sw-Gt 8’ + 4’
Ch-Gt 16’ + 8’
Ant-Gt 8’
Sw-Ch 16’ + 8’ + 4’
Ant-Ch 8’
18 Divisional pistons
6 General pistons (thumb & toe)
Crescendo pedal
Sforzando toe stud

First Church of Christ, Scientist

The First Church of Christ, Scientist, Victoria, at Pandora and Chambers was built in 1919 and completed in 1920. The first service was held August 29, 1920. Many have commented over the years on the fine architectural qualities of the building both within and without as well as the sound quality. The architects were George Foote Duncan and C.H. Wallwork of Portland, Oregon, conceived in the Neoclassical style as a monument to the spacial forces of reason and order which form the core of Christian Science. (Martin Segger. Victoria, a History in Architecture, 1843-1929) The 3 manual Casavant Freres, Quebec, was installed in January 1927. This instrument, in 1985, was given as a gift to the community. September 2019 – September 2020 is the Centenary Celebration year of this heritage building.

Address: 1205 Pandora Ave, Victoria, BC V8V 3R3


St. Andrews Presbyterian

Address: 924 Douglas St. (wheelchair access at 643 Broughton St.)


St. Andrews Roman Catholic Cathedral

St. Andrew’s Roman Catholic Cathedral was dedicated on October 30th, 1892 by Bishop John Lemmens. Reflecting our cultural links to Quebec, St Andrew’s was designed by Montreal church architects Maurice Perrault and Albert Mesnard. The plans are a duplicate of a parish church in Vaudreuil, Quebec. The stained glass windows exemplify a variety of styles typical of the late 19th century. They portray episodes in the life of Christ, as well as various saints, with St. Andrew, the Patron Saint of the Cathedral, on the centre window of the Sanctuary.

Address: Blanshard St at View St (wheelchair access at 740 View St)


St. Ann’s Academy Chapel

Once Victoria’s first Roman Catholic Cathedral, it was built in 1858 and moved and added to the school in 1886. Like the many rural French Canadian churches it is modeled after, it has ornate altar and ceiling carvings, gold-leaf detailing, original oil paintings, stained glass windows and a 1913 Casavant pipe organ. The resplendent Novitiate garden at the side entrance to the Chapel has a geometric herb bed, perennials and a recreated 1925 summerhouse. The 1910 formal garden at the north-west corner of the property contains rare trees and the remains of a unique fountain.

Address: 835 Humboldt St, Victoria, BC V8V  4W8


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